Business Planning for Cape Town’s MyCiTi BRT

Following the overwhelming success of Phase I of Cape Town’s MyCiTi BRT system, Transport for Cape Town (TCT) is moving forward with Phase II which will connect the former townships of Khayelitsha and Mitchell’s Plain to the emerging sub-centers of Wynberg and Claremont. TCT, with the help of BRTPlan and the business consulting team, is re-appraising the service approach and many of the essential business parameters that guided the Phase I contracts, in light of five years of experience and some changes in international best practice. The Phase I MyCiTi BRT system introduced numerous important innovations such as off-peak discounts and payment of the operators based on multiple criteria that closely mimic cost structures. However, cost recovery was lower than expected and enforcement of the quality of service parameters was weaker than hoped.

BRTPlan is working with TCT to develop a new set of business parameters for MyCiTi Phase II. These new business parameters guide a number of issues, including basic approaches to service planning and contract structures that will govern the roll-out of Phase II in the coming years.

Cape Town’s MyCiTi BRT now goes through the CBD