Business Planning for BRT in Metro Manila

Manila, the Philippines is moving forward with several BRT projects. The most ambitious, the Central Corridor BRT, involves putting high capacity BRT on Manila’s ring road EDSA. The project, initiated by ITDP China and the Asian Development Bank, could be one of the most important urban mass transit projects in Asia, but is also one of the most complex.

Rendering of BRT on EDSA, Metro Manila, courtesy of ITDP

BRTPlan worked to complete the conceptual design of the Central Corridor BRT. Our role was to prepare a preliminary business plan for the Central Corridor BRT system that proposes a business structure, tendering process, and contracting approach. We also gave a workshop to the incumbent bus companies and relevant government ministries to explain how incumbent operators were brought into BRT operations in other countries. Finally, we performed an evaluation of the administrative structures that are being used to manage the projects and ultimately, the BRT system, and made recommendations on how to improve them.