A People’s Alternative to BaltimoreLink

After Governor Hogan’s cancellation of the Red Line LRT and replacement with “BaltimoreLink,” a restructuring of Baltimore’s bus network, Baltimore City lost $654 million in capital funds. In cooperation with the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) and its allies, BRTPlan recommended revisions to the BaltimoreLink plan and suggested targeted complementary BRT capital improvements costing only $287 million that would dramatically improve the commutes of over 150,000 daily passengers.
Proposed BRT Infrastructure (black) could help revitalize neighborhoods with abandoned housing (burgundy) and homicides (green). Also aligns with Baltimore TOD targets (red).
Drawing on our experience in bus service planning, BRTPlan provided a detailed review of BaltimoreLink from the perspective of maximizing passenger benefits while minimizing agency operating costs. Many of the BaltimoreLink proposed changes were beneficial, while others eliminated important routes and connections or forced needless transfers.
Our BRT infrastructure proposal focuses on North Avenue, complementing corridor improvements already funded by a TIGER grant. It also focuses on Downtown Baltimore, Broadway (past Johns Hopkins Hospital) and Route 40 West – salvaging many of the lost benefits of the Red Line but at a fraction of the cost. This proposal provides an excellent opportunity to revitalize Baltimore’s significantly challenged neighborhoods, many of which currently experience high homicide rates and abandonment.