Our Staff

annie weinstock headshot
Annie Weinstock, President

Annie Weinstock began studying buses and BRT systems in 2002 when she worked at the MBTA in the Silver Line bus depot. She has since worked in the private, public, and non-profit sectors, focused almost exclusively on bus and BRT planning. Ms. Weinstock has worked for the big firms, including Parsons Brinckerhoff and AECOM, and medium-sized firms like Sam Schwartz Engineering. In 2009 until 2015, Ms. Weinstock became the US & Africa Director from the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP). There, she helped move the practice of BRT planning forward, with initiatives such The BRT Standard, a codification of best practice in BRT design and then worked across cities in the US and Africa to implement Gold-Standard BRT. In addition to BRT design work, Ms. Weinstock has expert knowledge in Bus and BRT route network design and has worked on bus route restructuring in Kirkland, WA; Baltimore, MD; Reykjavik, Iceland, and more. In the developing world context, particularly in Africa and Asia, Ms. Weinstock has worked extensively on institutional structuring for transport projects and transitioning the existing informal bus industry into a modern bus sector. Ms. Weinstock holds an MS in Transportation from the University of Washington and a BS in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts. Ms. Weinstock is a member of TRB AP050 Committee on Bus Transit Systems and has been published and cited in a wide variety of publications.


Walter Hook photo
Walter Hook, Principal

Dr. Hook has 29 years experience in transit planning. Until 2014, he was the CEO of the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), which he led for 21 years. Dr. Hook holds a PhD from the School of Urban Planning at Columbia University, where he also served as an Adjunct Professor until 1999. While at ITDP, he helped initiate, design, and successfully implement several successful BRT systems, including Guangzhou BRT,  Ahmedabad BRT,  TransJakarta BRT, Rea Vaya BRT in Johannesburg, MyCiTi BRT in Cape Town, and DART BRT in Dar es Salaam. He developed The BRT Standard with Annie Weinstock, and is the co-editor of the BRT Planning Guide. Dr. Hook is also a leading expert in Bus Network Redesign, having first written the Service Planning chapter in the BRT Planning Guide and then developed the 8 Principles for Bus Network Redesign, a guide which serves as a critical starting point for all new bus network redesign projects.


Larson Holt, Planner and Consultant

Larson Holt is a planner with a track record of improving operational processes and business planning to deliver effective transit, using complex data sets and analytical tools such as simulation and decision modeling. Mr. Holt has produced operations plans, service models, and expert evaluations for clients in a variety of cities. Larson co-authored a business planning guide aimed at helping governments around the world develop “model bus companies” through strategic regulation. Before joining BRTPlan, he worked in operations planning at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and served as a research fellow at Columbia University and conducted research on the sociopolitical factors underlying Chinese high-speed rail construction as well as cooperation opportunities between ride-hail companies and transit agencies. Mr. Holt holds a Master of Public Administration and a B.A. in Urban Studies, both from Columbia University.