Our Firm

BRTPlan is a New York-based planning firm led by Annie Weinstock, former Regional Director for Africa and the US for the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) and Dr. Walter Hook, former CEO of ITDP.

BRTPlan assists in the design and implementation of Bus and BRT networks and other sustainable transport projects around the world, bringing their expertise from projects in Johannesburg, Reykjavik, Chicago, Guangzhou, Ahmedabad, Cape Town, and Dar es Salaam. BRTPlan has the expertise to design and implement BRT systems that reach speeds and capacities equivalent to metro and subway systems, and  exceeding the speeds and capacities achieved by street-level light rail systems. In complement to our expertise in BRT, we also redesign bus networks and design spot infrastructure improvements to make the regular bus better. You can learn more on our Services page.

Having worked to envision, implement, and redesign transit systems around the world, Ms. Weinstock and Dr. Hook founded BRTPlan in 2015 in order to make their wealth of experience commercially available to municipalities, governments, development banks, and civil society organizations. Our team brings innovative ideas that have been implemented in transportation projects around the world, along with the technical tools with which to test them, to new cities. Our focus on Buses and BRT enables us to streamline our planning methodologies so the result is the best possible Bus or BRT network.

BRTPlan is certified as a WBE/DBE with the City of New York, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, and the City of Seattle.