BRT in Kirkland, Washington

The City of Kirkland is a growing economic center in the Seattle Metropolitan area, with trips to, from, and within the city. Traffic during the AM and PM rushes is nearly at a standstill. The City embraces smart growth and limits roadway expansion. And yet Kirkland is not currently served by any form of rapid transit.


BRTPlan is the lead adviser to the City of Kirkland in the development of two BRT projects that the City is hoping to advance in the coming years.

  • BRT on the Cross Kirkland Corridor: The City of Kirkland recently purchased a portion of the former East Rail Corridor with aspirations of transforming it into a shared transit/greenway. Major developments, including a Google campus, are already coming up along this valuable new green artery. BRTPlan is helping Kirkland to design a BRT along the CKC. Already, we have developed a service plan that would provide simple, direct connections into Downtown Kirkland, neighboring Bellevue, and into the heart of Seattle. BRTPlan recognizes the value of the CKC to be both a place to move people and a peaceable trail and, together with the City of Kirkland, is seizing the opportunity to advance this great community asset.
  • Downtown Kirkland connection to the I-405 BRT: Sound Transit is planning a BRT on the I-405 freeway, about half a mile from Downtown Kirkland. The City of Kirkland wants to tap into this new service with direct connections from Downtown Kirkland to the I-405 BRT. BRTPlan has advised Kirkland on how best to make this link, including a preliminary design of full BRT on Northeast 85th Street, direct to Downtown. BRTPlan also designed a direct BRT station connection on Northeast 85th Street, complete with elevators and escalators so that passengers can transfer seamlessly to the I-405 BRT above.