Yangon, Myanmar is exploring BRT implementation on the Pyay and Insein Road corridor, a major north-south artery through the country’s largest city. The project, in collaboration with Swedfund, Ramboll, and Far East Mobility, will provide high-quality transit on a crowded and narrow corridor, greatly increasing projected revenue and reducing travel time. The Pyay-Insein Corridor BRT will serve as a model throughout Yangon, Myanmar and Southeast Asia for modern transit infrastructure and operation.

Rendering of BRT on Pyay Road, courtesy of Far East Mobility

One of the largest challenges in Yangon is the numerous private and public operators which currently operate in the city and feature widely disparate levels of formality and operation.

BRTPlan is working to improve the administrative and regulatory capacity of Yangon’s Regional Transportation Authority (YRTA) to oversee a successful privately operated BRT system, and manage competitive tenders for BRT service. As part of the “Model Company” being designed, BRTPlan has helped integrate the existing local operators into the new company to ensure that innovation does not disadvantage existing industry players. BRTPlan continues to work on modernizing and improving depots and optimizing the BRT network to support transit-oriented development and further BRT throughout the city.