High-quality bus operations start with a high-quality depot from which the organization is centralized. Depots are hubs not only for bus equipment, but are administrative and even social centers for bus drivers, operational staff, and fare collection. In its projects around the world, BRTPlan has witnessed the correlation between excellent depots and excellent transit systems. Better depots mean better maintenance, better reliability, better driver morale and loyalty, and better service to passengers.

BRTPlan has developed the Depot Development Metrics (DDM) to assess the modernization levels of depots in transit systems across the world. The DDM takes into account:

  • Security of the facility
  • Surfacing of the parking area
  • Presence of administrative offices
  • Employee and driver facilities
  • On-site refueling, painting, washing and cleaning equipment
  • Weather-protected maintenance area
  • Level of on-site repair ability

Whether depots provide the necessary facilities for the safe and successful operation of a modern transit is a critical facet of BRT. Depot modernization can also become a part of Transit-Oriented Development. BRTPlan designs and advises the creation of world-class depots through its BRT Design practice.