Critical to the operation of a successful Bus Rapid Transit system is the formation of a modern bus company to operate the system. Even in communities where bus operations are handled informally, the amount of infrastructure necessary to support true BRT systems — modern stations, digital payment systems, computerized bus maintenance, and high-quality depots.

BRTPlan developed the proprietary Bus Company Modernization Metrics (BCM²) to assess the modernization of bus operators, which takes into account:

  • Ownership, storage, age and emissions of the bus fleet
  • Compensation methods for drivers
  • Optimization of routine and preventative maintenance
  • Optimization of staff and fleet deployment
  • Size of available reserve fleet
  • State of operational control
  • Adherence to established corporate best practices

BRTPlan uses the BCM² to assess the existing state of affairs as well as guide the formation of modern bus companies as part of its Industry Transition practice. The BCM is particularly useful in cities with multiple existing bus operators, private and/or public, to determine which organization may be best poised to operate a proposed BRT system.