BRT Design


BRTPlan’s Principals have been involved in the design of many of the top-rated BRT systems around the world. BRTPlan understands intimately the details of designing a BRT that minimizes the specific delays faced on your corridor, by reducing bus stop delay, minimizing conflicts with mixed traffic, minimizing bus bunching, and providing a seamless interface between BRT buses and stations.

As co-creators of The BRT Standard, and authors of the 3rd and 4th Editions of the BRT Planning Guide, BRTPlan knows how to design the best BRT for your city, tailor made for your streets and your transit services. Whether or not Gold Standard is right for your corridor, BRTPlan knows how to get the most benefit out of your project. We can manage the design of your BRT, or can act as third-party advisers to review designs created by others.