BRT Project Management

IMG_20151228_092208BRTPlan helps cities manage BRT projects from concept all the way through to operations. We begin by advising on how to pull a project team together, including the sort of staff to hire or second from other government offices. We work with stakeholders to develop a workplan and timeline for the project and assist with goalsetting. We help draft the Terms of References (TORs) necessary to attract the best international or domestic consultants, and advise on which applicants have real experience designing different elements of world class BRT systems.

Based on our extensive knowledge of alternative administrative structures for managing BRT systems, we advise on whether a new BRT agency is necessary or whether an existing institution should manage the system. We can help identify potential sources of international financing when needed. We advise on what to contract out, and what to do in-house.

We can help you convince key stakeholders, by supervising studies to predict the benefits of your project and generating plausible renderings to help stakeholders understand. We can provide examples from numerous other cities, and can recommend and plan study tours to appropriate cities to help key decision makers better understand the potential of the project.