Informal Bus Industry Transition

The Principals at BRTPlan advised on “Maxi-Taxi” transition in Port of Spain, Trinidad

BRTPlan helps develop and execute strategies for involving existing informal bus and minibus operators in a new BRT system. International best practice is to help affected bus and minibus owners form internationally competitive companies that successfully bid to become one of the new BRT operating companies. BRTPlan can help make this happen, and it can also help with backup solutions when things don’t go according to plan. We have worked directly on the minibus taxi transitions in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Dar es Salaam. We helped introduce quality of service contracting in the Ahmedabad and Guangzhou BRTs. We helped introduce competitive bidding for BRT routes in Jakarta. Finally, we have documented the transitions in Bogota, Mexico City, and many other cities, and can advise on what experience best applies to your BRT system. BRTPlan’s Principals have become leading experts in the area of informal bus and minibus transitions in BRT projects.