Transit-Oriented Development

A new BRT system can not only help improve transportation, it can also create strategic opportunities for economic development. BRTPlan’s principals are the co-authors of “More Development for your Transit Dollar” which identifies the secrets for using a BRT, LRT, or metro project to leverage private investment into the station-areas of your transit system. They also supervised the creation of the Transit-Oriented Development Standard (TOD Standard) which provides a useful metric for cities wishing to encourage transit-oriented design near their BRT or LRT stations.

BRTPlan can help you manage a TOD project around your BRT, LRT, or metro station. We help cities identify sites within the station areas of a transit system that are likely candidates for TOD. We do this with particular heed to which sites best fit the strategic planning goals of the city. We also recommend the measures that will be needed to make high-quality TOD possible in these locations. Drawing from our wide pool of colleagues in the TOD sector, from time to time, we bring in other experts with deep knowledge of key issues.