Roadmap to BRT in Bogor

Download Report:  Roadmap to BRT in Bogor (English)   Peta Jalan (Roadmap) Menuju BRT Di Bogor (Indonesian)

Annie Weinstock, of BRTPlan, was contracted by UN-Habitat to develop a pre-feasibility plan for BRT in the city of Bogor, Indonesia. Bogor is located approximately 60 kilometers south of Jakarta in West Java, Indonesia, and is part of the Jabodetabeck metropolitan area. There are more than 1.2 million trips made every day, with approximately 600,000 between Bogor and Jakarta. However, like other cities in Indonesia, public transport in Bogor is losing its share to private cars and motorbikes and traffic is grinding to a halt.

Weinstock was brought in to evaluate the travel patterns in Bogor – as well as the character of the streets – in order to determine whether and where BRT might make sense. With an existing formalized bus system known as TransPakuan already in place, Weinstock also explored the possibility of upgrading this system to full BRT.Stasiun Bogor D

Through on-the-ground data collection, field surveys, and discussions with key stakeholders, Weinstock developed a concept for BRT which involves:

  1. The upgrade of TransPakuan Corridor 1
  2. A new BRT on the future TransPakuan Corridor 4
  3. A BRT loop around the famous Botanical Gardens.

Weinstock also developed conceptual designs for these corridors and a service plan, based on the routing of the existing informal “Angkots.” She then segued this into a draft policy for transforming the Angkot industry into operators of the BRT system.

While the streets of Bogor are very narrow, a BRT, if done correctly, could open up the clogged arteries, like a stint, allowing a much freer movement of people within Bogor and to Jakarta.